Three Sisters


Photo by Dahlia Katz

NNNN – “Excellent […] A memorable Three Sisters. There’s heartbreak galore, of course – this is Chekhov, after all, and the leads [Hallie Seline, Caroline Toal, Shauna Thompson, Ben Yoganathan] create poignant portraits of unfulfilled lives. I recommend this production highly.”
– NOW Magazine

“Excellently acted. The strength of the sisters’ (Thompson, Toal and Seline) acting and emotional commitment create a very moving episode.”
– The Toronto Star

“Seline precisely clinches the tough-as-nails Olga […] A primo cast, the actors deliver engrossing performances.”
– Our Theatre Voice

“The cast of Three Sisters is a brilliant ensemble lead by the incredible Shauna Thompson, Caroline Toal, and Hallie Seline as the titular sisters. I felt like they really connected with the heart of their characters and brought such compassion to these roles as each one of them goes along on their journey. Three Sisters is a poignant and superb piece of theatre.”
– A View from the Box

“The acting ensemble is incredibly strong and seeing this play for their performances is a must… a beautifully acted play”
– My Entertainment World

SesayArts: In conversation with Hallie Seline about Howland Company’s new adaptation of THREE SISTERS. Read the interview.

The Varsity: The Howland Company brings Chekhov to Campus – Interview with Maher Sinno and Hallie Seline. “There’s no hiding in Chekhov… This play requires so much honesty, openness, and humanity in every moment.” – Hallie Seline. Read the interview. 

Casimir and Caroline


Casimir and Caroline. Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz

“Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble” Award
– Dora Mavor Moore Awards, 2020

“Seline is excellent.”
– Chris Hoile, Stage Door

“Caroline, as played by Hallie Seline, is calm, tempered, compassionate and exasperated by Casimir’s constant insecurities. Seline is such a gracious actor and that suffuses her performance.”
– Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

“Outstanding performances all around. Seline’s Caroline has a strong sense of determination and resilience, edged with lovely sense of vulnerability.”
– Cathy McKim, Life with more Cowbell

“There is a skilled ambiguity to Hallie Seline’s Caroline, never quite sure of how much she relishes her freedom.”
– Robert Cushman, Cushman Collected

Global News Morning Interview with Hallie Seline and Paolo Santalucia. Watch here.

Stageworthy Podcast Interview with Alexander Crowther and Hallie Seline. Listen here. 

As You Like It

As You Like It - Hallie Seline as Rosalind - Photo by Kyle Purcell

Photos by Kyle Purcell

“Pure joy. Perfection. Rosalind [is] played with a keen sense of humour and girlish enthusiasm by Hallie Seline […] The connection of affection between Hallie Seline’s Rosalind and the eager, enthusiasm of Justin Mullen as Orlando, is touching and at times full of the ache and intoxication of new love. Lovely work from both.”
– Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

“The linchpin for many of these [pairings] is Hallie Seline’s plucky Rosalind, or Ganymede when she’s disguised in male garb. Rosalind’s romantic interest, the bold dispossessed noble Orlando (Justin Mullen), may be a love at first sight scenario, but the two really start to spark when they meet in the Forest, and she’s disguised. And yet, Seline’s best pairing may be with the fickle Phoebe (Brittany Kay) […] the actors’ exceptional timing together makes their scenes a highlight.”
– Steve Fisher, My Entertainment World

The Wolves


“Best Ensemble” Award
– Toronto Theatre Critics Association Awards 2019

“Best Production” Award
– Critics Pick Awards, My Entertainment 2018

“Outstanding Ensemble” Nomination
– Critics Pick Awards, My Entertainment 2018

Top 10 Theatre Productions of 2018 
– The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, NOW Magazine & Stage Door

NNNN – The Wolves is so riveting it will make you howl. The nine actors are so uniformly excellent and form such a tight-knit ensemble”
– NOW Magazine

3.5/4 Stars “The Wolves is worth cheering on, and loudly. The impressive teamwork does indeed make the dream work.”
– The Globe and Mail

3.5/4 Stars “The Wolves is a gloriously frank and intense depiction of extraordinary young women. The focus and precision of the nine actors playing the team is extraordinary.”
– The Toronto Star

“Hallie Seline is the team sweetheart… fantastic.”
– Broadway World Toronto

“Go see The Wolves. Please. It’s moving and howlingly funny and as full of life as the most suspenseful soccer game […] This production, by The Howland Company and Crow’s Theatre, brims with vitality, humour, and heart; it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in some time. Hallie Seline (#8) is the queen of the pop-culture non-sequitur.”
– Mooney on Theatre

– Hallie Seline’s interview on CBC’s Here and Now.

– Hallie Seline’s interview with She Does The City.

Punk Rock

Punk Rock (1) presented by The Howland Company, Outstanding Ensemble - Independent Theatre -Cameron Laurie, Ruth Goodwin, James Graham, Hallie Seline, Kristen Zaza, Tim Dowler-Coltman, Andrew Pimento, Sam Kalilieh

“Outstanding Ensemble” Nomination
– Dora Mavor Moore Awards, 2018

“Outstanding Ensemble” Nomination
– Critics Pick Awards, My Entertainment, 2018

Top 10 Theatre Productions of 2018
– NOW Magazine

NNNN – This production by the red-hot Howland Company showcases moving, realistic performances that explore power and bullying, identity and mental health, and friendship and complacency in ways that are in turn rich in subtlety and overwhelming in intensity […] If the show’s stunning climax doesn’t leave you shaken to your core, you’d better check your pulse.”
– Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine

“Talked about The Howland Company’s brilliant production of PUNK ROCK with a friend for the last half hour… Just riveting theatre. Best ensemble I’ve seen on stage in some time. And so sharply directed. Hope it returns next season somewhere.”
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

four-stars-wow – Punk Rock is a shattering evening of theatre you will not soon forget.”
– Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

“Punk Rock is a roller coaster ride of emotion and fine acting […] A jaw-clenching, gut-twisting play about bullying in a grammar school in north England with chilling results. The production is terrific.”
– Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

“Quite literally one of the most “stunning” plays I’ve personally ever seen. The talent in this show is off the charts […] unforgettable […] There are some moments from the show that are still so clearly etched in my mind. Particular moments like Cissy (Hallie Seline)’s cathartic breakdown as she reads her report card, [is] unforgettable to me because [it] felt so authentic, and that’s a direct compliment to the cast.”
Mooney on Theatre

“Outstanding work from the entire cast.”
– Cate McKim, life with more cowbell

Stag and Doe


“The entire cast is stellar in this riotous romp toward marital bliss [and] Hallie Seline is tremendous as Dee, Bonnie’s best friend, [with] the best lines.”
The Kincardine Record

Twelfth Night


“Stand-outs include Seline’s Olivia, a lovely and richly layered performance; a proud, strong woman, Olivia has sharp enough wit to match any man, but also a tender and fragile heart. Seline conveys as much from a facial expression as she does with the text.”
– Cate McKim, life with more cowbell

“smart, thoughtful and vibrant […] The cast has an affinity for Shakespeare with some doing standout work […] Hallie Seline is a watchful Olivia who sees her reserve melt when she is smitten with Viola dressed as a young man.”
– Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

Jonas & Barry in the Home


“Hallie Seline is superb…The bantering and fast-paced hilarity are pure Foster, and the cast is brilliant at comedic-timing and quick line delivery. It’s a terrific show.”
– The Kincardine Record

“Jonas and Barry in the Home is heart-warming and funny. The cast is superb and (Ralph) Small, (Jonathan) Whittaker and (Hallie) Seline have great chemistry on stage.”
– The Kincardine Independent

52 Pick-Up (2016 Remount)


3_Stars7 (out of 4) “[52 Pick-Up is] sweet, simple and charming… sure to ignite sentimental memories. The funny and very natural Seline […] pulled off her character’s range, from the way she sips a wine glass waiting for his reply over the phone to her anger over his dismissal of her travel plans.”
– Carly Maga, The Toronto Star



3_Stars7 (out of 4) “[SHANNON 10:40] makes us consider the complexities of the world we live in for an hour or so – and is given a boost in excitement by being performed in very close proximity to the audience. Both actors rise to the challenge of this intimate, immersive space.”
– J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail

“Hallie Seline plays Shannon. This is a fine, young actress who is fearless and true.”
– Lynn Slotkin, CIUT Friday Morning, 89.5FM

“So glad I caught the final performance of Rob Kempson’s important work SHANNON 10:40. Hope it returns with Hallie Seline & Qasim Khan”
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

52 PICK-UP (Remount)


NNNN “Laurie and Seline displayed palpable romantic chemistry but were just as effective in scenes taking place earlier and later in the story that required some cringe-worthy awkwardness.” – Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine

“As amazing as people say – thrilling and involving theatre.”
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

Q&A with Hallie Seline & Cameron Laurie by Glenn Sumi
NOW Magazine


NNNNN & “One of the best productions in this year’s Fringe.”
– Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine 

“Seline is lovely and sassy as the world traveller girlfriend of the pair, delivering some awesome emotive punctuation at the end of each scene, carrying through the mood.” “52 Pick-up is a remarkable show – a brilliant concept with an outstanding cast.”
– Cathy McKim, Life with More Cowbell

four-stars-wow1/2 & Standout Show of the 2014 Fringe from the Torontoist

Love’s Labour’s Lost


NNNN – Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

four-stars-wow 1/2 & Standout Show of the 2014 Fringe from the Torontoist

My Entertainment World’s Performer of the Day – Hallie Seline as the Princess of France, Shakespeare BASH’d – Love’s Labour’s Lost

“Hallie Seline – wonderfully grounded and endlessly charming as the Princess of France” – Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

“Stand-outs include […] Hallie Seline (a very busy lady, also appearing in the rotating cast of 52 Pick-up) as the lovely and witty Princess.”
– Cathy McKim, Life with More Cowbell

“Completely sassy and quick witted” – Mooney on Theatre

Romeo and Juliet


Interview with She Does The City

five_star_icons from The Torontoist

“Hallie Seline’s Juliet understands and shares with the audience all the teenager’s moods, from shyness and buoyancy to later despair and finally determination to be reunited with her new husband. Projecting Juliet’s emotions even when she has no words to speak, Seline gives freshness to such a familiar line as “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?””
– Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine